iPad Possibilities
Discover the endless possibilities of the iPad ...

TPPN.TV (The Possibilities Production Network) - a new media network with an aim to bring positive, motivating content that inspires others to do more and dream bigger. This podcast is a part of this network to find other podcasts by TPPN.TV simply go to www.tppn.tv or search for “TPPN” in iTunes.

Tim Chaten
(Owner of TPPN.TV) - explores new possibilities of the Pad every day. He is the host of the iPad Possibilities Podcast. You can connect with him on Twitter (@tchaten), Facebook and email him through the contact us page.

John Finnan (Co-Host of the iPad Possibilities Podcast) - CoOwner of Jindianzi Golden Ideas iOS Development and has helped create It’s On My Way, Fighting Chicks Unlimited, and Ignite Phoenix.