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One of the biggest announcements from Apple is that they are going to have an AppStore for the Mac. The news of this has people both excited and scared.

The true blessing with the Mac AppStore is that it may actually help the iOS become more open. I do not think it will become completely open like the Android OS, but it may open the doors to installing apps from places outside of the AppStore.

Here is the logic behind this (as I am sure many of you disagree with the above statement).

If the Mac AppStore becomes wildly successful and they sell and host millions upon millions of Mac apps. If this Mac AppStore creates the same effect it did on the iOS this will show Apple one very important thing … you can install apps outside of the AppStore and still have a runaway hit!

After Mac users prove to Apple that an AppStore plus installing apps from Safari is a great thing Apple will hold another event in a year or two called "Back to iOS" or something that reminds people of the "Back to the Mac" event. At this event Jobs and company will showcase all of the innovations that have been done on the Mac that have not yet arrived on iOS and bring functionally back from the Mac to the iOS like installing apps from Safari onto your iOS device.

So that is the logic that I think may prove to be true in a few years. I would be curious to see what other things in the Mac OS that Apple would bring back to iOS. Could this include Time Machine, iTunes freedom, Mission Control? Mission Control would be a huge step forward in the multitasking interface. Imagine visually being able to see what your iPad is doing and what apps are open. Currently the multitasking bar is simply a recent items list and most are not even running.

So my question is this - what will Apple bring back to iOS? I would love to hear comments and feedback on this!