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IPP 0081 - Why Have Two?

IPP 0081 - Why Have Two? (Enhanced AAC)

What possibilities does having two iPads have? Feedback is welcomed by sending email to iPadPossibilities@gmail.com and 209-542-iPad. For more information please visit TPPN.TV

Show Notes


What I'm working on: Dropbox Episode, Database Episode, Noterize review, GoodReader ScreenCast, Filemaker Episode - tons more on the way

GadgetFreeway - Japan listener feedback

The concept - Why Have 2 iPads?

The limitation with 1 iPad:

-Unitasking even with Multitasking enabled (So Called Multitasking on other single screened/windowed devices)

The Use Cases of 2 iPads:

1. Video Playback on an iPad while web browsing/working on the other iPad (iPad becomes a TV while your other iPad becomes your PC)
2. Reference Screen while writing a paper on the other iPad
3. A True Multiscreen Setup that many are used to with traditional computers.
4. We Rule/We Farm screen - always available to see when things can be harvested
5. AntiGlare iPad and Glossy iPad - different screen options with 2 iPads
6. Jailbroken iPad and Standard iPad
7. Backup iPad that can be used when one goes down (i.e. Jailbreak crash etc.)
8. Family Room iPad/Entertainment iPad - hooked up for Netflix/AirVideo/etc.
9. Podcasting - one to record and work on while using the other for show notes and demoing
10. Dictation on one iPad while working on other things with the second iPad.
11. Taking Notes on one while using the other as a book - school use case
12. Fully Charged and Ready iPad for heavy days of usage on the road (a road/home iPad)
13. GoToMeeting on one while (playing on the other - or taking notes)
14. iTeleport on one while using the other in iPad mode

Endless More Use Cases

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