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IPP 0059 - Consanguinity Frash

IPP 0059 - Consanguinity Frash (Enhanced AAC)

Join Tim, John, and Steve for all the latest news about the iPad, including Flash on the iPad. Feedback is welcomed at iPadPossibilities@gmail.com and 209-542-iPad. For more information please visit www.tppn.tv


Panel - John Finnan (@jfinnan) and Steve Bostedor (@sbostedor) (www.ipadshow.com)

Opening News and Thoughts:

Hulu Plus: What are your thoughts (listen to 57/58 for my thoughts) 
All video in 720p
no video-out due to providers

TenOne Showcases Pressure Sensitive Input on iPad - 
(Rejects Palms, Fingerprints, and Pressure Sensitive)

In App Purchases Reaching Top Grossing iPad Apps - Tap Fish, Zombie Farm, World War, God Finger, Tap Tap 3, Issac Newton Gravity (last weeks iPad Show Episode), and Haypi kingdom (WeRule not on the list :) ) 

Closely Related News: Bye Bye iPhone 2G - We will issue a free software update within a few weeks that incorporates the corrected formula. Since this mistake has been present since the original iPhone, this software update will also be available for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.

Still Hot: The iPad has been out 3-4 Months now and still 7-10 days to ship out (Camera Kit: 4-6 Weeks)

Getting close to iPad 2.0 Apps and Accessories - 
http://modulrcase.com/ (shipping in 3 weeks) - OmniFocus weeks away (an app designed entirely with iPads in hand) - more accessories and apps created with iPads in hand coming soon

Kindle and iPad Books Take Longer to Read than Print [STUDY] - 
HP Printers - ePrint (finally iPad printing with a printer email address)
iPads and Tablets is now an eBay category!
Why limit OS 4? - iPhone 2G/3G
Thoughts on a new iPad in November?

Flash finally making its way to the iPad in Safari for Jailbreakers - Frash (fresh and awesome - to be cool and relaxed and to be keepin' it awesome) - will you guys install Frash?