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IPP 0094 - Invisions Technical Arts

IPP 0094 - Invisions Technical Arts (Enhanced AAC)

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Show Notes
Invisions Technical Arts
Your Background

One of the Few Indianapolis Developers - Any Challenges Programing Here?

Your Role in the Company?

DropText (Universal)
-How good are the DropBox APIs for opening and saving directly back
-Dropbox: Ability to do more advanced notes (Drawing/Photos/Videos)
-Future Goals for DropText

iHome (Universal)
Integrates with PowerHome ($100) 
What is PowerHome and How Does it Work?
How much power does iHome have to automate your home? 
Could location information give you the ability to turn on and off things as you walk around and leave your house?
Future Goals for iHome? 

Italian Cookbook HD (Lite)
What are your goals with this application? 
How do you consider using the iPad in the kitchen - any special interfaces (Voice to turn page or speak text?)
Where do you get your recipes from?
How many more recipes do you plan to add?
What skill level are the recipes for? 
Any planned integrations with an iPhone shopping cart app? 

Cocktails - Top Shelf HD (Lite)
Any different design concepts for doing a cookbooks for drinks?

Indiana Roof
What was the motivation to create this app? 
Did you work with those that own The Indiana Roof Ballroom/Their Reaction? 
Any plans to create a virtual walkthrough of the entire building within this app?
Or - Augmented Reality as you walk in the building it points out different things of importance? 
Any other Indiana centric apps on the way? 

iOS 4.2

What features will your apps soon take advantage of? 
Are there any brand new apps on there way because of 4.2? 

Any other apps or projects you are working on? 
Where to Find Your Apps/Website